Cha-No-Yu Experience (Tea Celemony)

The Dokurakuan invites those who are interested with Cha-No-Yu Experience to the Tea gathering (or Tea celemony) in November. It is not necesary to have any experience or knowlegde in Cha-No-Yu, but respectation on Cha-No-Yu or Japanese tradisiton is trully expected.

Cha-No-Yu gathering (Tea Celemony) will be taken place on 24th and 25th November, On these days, Cha-No-Yu will be operated mostly in English. Please contact us through our web site (sorry all written in Japanse at this moment) or simply send us an email (

Dokurakuan is located in Hachioji-shi, Tokyo. The nearest public trasnportaion is JR Hachioji station or Keio Hachioji Station. Both are 10 minutes by walk.

There are some guidelines:
(a) One group of guest must consists no more than 3 people.
(b) No jewrly is allowerd.
(c) No perfum is allowed.
(d) Stools are available upon request.

During Tea gathering, a sweat and a bowl of tea will be served, for FREE OF CHARGE.


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